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Project, Purpose and Passion based learning. We are driven by problems and when you are obsessed with a problem it opens up your mind to think beyond what you already know! We want to create an environment where the learners are driven by an objective and in the process they pick up new skills. This type of learning creates lifelong learners and that is what we are looking to do through our courses.

Maker Mindset could be described as an innovative, creative and critical mindset, one that is willing to explore, test, plan, re-plan, re-design and isn't afraid of taking risks or failing. Maker mindset encourages experimentation and allows interdisciplinary approach to problem solving. Maker mindset exhibits curiosity and resourcefulness as it requires one to locate and use tools to complete tasks and learn from failures.

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Maker’s Asylum Courses are a manifestation of all the learnings that our team and space has accumulated over time. These courses are designed to foster hands on learning and out of the box thinking, and most importantly teach you how to become a MAKER! It brings you the culture of making and creating from a maker-space right into your homes!

You will be able define your own learning journey through our courses and will be able to access them at your own pace. The courses offer individualized learning through 1:1 instructors who themselves are makers and have been part of our community over the years now!

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